Halloween Moon Cookie Cutter | Stamp | Stencil #1

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Dunia Terselich Borga

The cutter, stamp and stencil worked out great! for what I needed.

Amazing cutter!

I haven't had the opportunity to use my cookie cutters yet but the cutter itself is a work of art! I can't wait to use it?!

Lacy Vaughn
This is a beautiful cookie cutter

This is truly a work of art! The detail in this cutter is impeccable! IF you are looking for your business and or creations to be a cut(ter) above the rest (he he) then you have got to get this cookie cutter for your Halloween line up!!! I have not yet used it but I am very experienced with Cheryl's cutters and I am NEVER disappointed. I am only doing this review without a photo now because I am a Cookie Cutter Lady cookie cutter junkie and my cart is full and I need my fix, so I am building up some crumble points. If you have not joined that program YOU SHOULD!!! She gives you points for signing up and liking her social media and for every $ you spend that's like free $$$$ CHA CHING....

Every cutter on our store now has sharp cutting edges!!! Making cuts easier than ever!

~ 2-PIECE DESIGN ~ Now you can choose your own depth!! The cutting edge and stamping details being separate pieces now allows for MUCH easier cutter removal and incredibly beautiful outlines at whatever depth you desire!!!

The 3.5" cutter is 3.5 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide. All of the different sizes are proportioned to this same ratio. All versions of the cutter will cut approximately .5 inches deep (or 14mm). The stamp is .35 inches (or 9mm) deep.

Each cutter comes with a personal low-rise sugar cookie recipe that actually tastes great!! It really helps to bring out the details in the cutters for easy icey tracing!

~ PERSONALIZE, MODIFY, & CUSTOMIZE! ~ If you'd like an in-between size or something larger or smaller just message me and I can most likely make it for you! Also if you'd like something modified, written, or personalized on the cutters email me at Schoolmancheryl@gmail.com. Adding writing to cutters is fairly simple and I don't charge too much for it! Just ask!